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DISCLAIMER: We have a "NO DROP" policy for ALL of our equipment.  If it is dripping or raining at any level it can wreck nearly any piece of our equipment.  We CAN'T take any chances.  If rain or inclement weather occurs during any part of an event, we must shut down immediately no matter what!  If we are completely protected by a shelter then we are safe of course.

Your Name(s)
Email Address
Phone Number
Best time to Contact You
Event Location(s) & Venue Address(es)

Event Indoors or Outdoors?
Event Date
Coordinator/Planner Name
Coordinator/Planner Phone Number
Coordinator/Planner Email
Ceremony Start Time
Would you like to/be able to set aside time before or after ceremony to get extra footage of couple?

Footage such as: Couple walking/holding hands, CU's of rings, standing in the sunset, etc...

What is more important:
Long shots or Close-ups?

*Close-Ups (shoulders and up)
*Long Shots (full bodies)

NOTE: Depending on Ceremony layout, videographer may not be able to get one or the other.

Is the Videographer Free to Move Around... Up and down The Isle?

Is the Videographer Free to Move Around... In front of your guests?

NOTE: If Videography cannot be up front, it is nearly impossible to get good close-up footage

If so, about how much room will there be between the alter and the first row of your guests?

NOTE: Videographer needs, at the very least, 5 or 6 feet between the alter and the first row. Insufficient room will result in a loss of Close-Up opportunities.

Can The Videographer Place a Recorder
or/and Camera by the Officiant?

If Ceremony is indoors, can videographer set up extra lighting, if need be?

NOTE: Lights can be distracting to people, but will make an extreme difference in the outcome of the footage.

What Songs Will Be Used for Your Ceremony?

Please include:
Processional (Wedding Party):
Processional (Bride Entrance):
Sand / Unity Candle:
Recessional (After Pronounced husband and wife):
Postlude (While guests are leaving ceremony site):

How many people/couples will be walking down the isle (including bride and groom)?

Please include the names and order of wedding party.

Will there be live music during ceremony?

NOTE: Live music is anything that is NOT played off a recording. (DJ's do not count as live music unless they are doing their own live mixes.)

Will there be any speakers other than the Officiant?

What is Your Theme or/and Decor Colors?

Guest Arrival Time
Dinner Start Time
Dance Start Time
Want footage of the speeches?
Want footage of the cake cutting?
Want footage of the First Dance?
First Dance Song
Want footage of the Father / Daughter Dance?
Father / Daughter Dance Song
Want footage of the Mother / Son Dance?
Mother / Son Dance Song
Wedding Party Dance Song
Can the videographer set up lights for first dances?

NOTE: Lights can be distracting to people, but will make an extreme difference in the outcome of the footage.

Lights will be taken down after parent dances.

Want footage of the Grand March?
Grand March Song
What Song Would You Like for the Movie Trailer?
Movie trailers (highlight video) are not created for ceremony ONLY videos.

Can We Post the Video On YouTube?
Can We Post the Video On Our Website?
Can We Share the Video on Facebook?
Other Notes / Comments

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